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Question: Do you want your data immutably stored, safely locked, distributed, for all time?

This service is simple, you don't need an account to write to multiple blockchains.

Write your data, any data, to the blockchain

It will be stored immutable and eternally on the blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain is the obvious choice because it is the most widely distributed blockchain, but you have the choice on any number of blockchains.
Select at least one blockchain, but be free to write your data on any blockchain.
The data can be in three formats:
Any file containing readable data
Json is the most efficient form of structured data
Binary data
Files or documents (e.g. .txt | .csv | .docx | .Jpeg)
Calculate the hash of any file and write this as data
Costs vary per blockchain, (look that up here).Make your selection below!

After your data is added to the blockchain, you can look it up via any blockchain explorer, or using our Blockchain reader

With CryptoWriter, you can store data on the most widely used blockchains.

You have the option to store your data on the following blockchains:
  •  Bitcoin (BTC)
  •  Ethereum (ETH)
  •  Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  •  Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  •  Gulden (GLD)

Start a quote for writing data

First you select a blockchain (brand) you want your data to be stored on, secondly, enter the message(data). After this a cost calculation is done and if agreed and payed the message is written to the blockchain

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You can find your data using a blockchain browser

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