Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How does the service by CryptoWriter work?

We describe the theory behind writing to the blockchain here.

What kind of control do i have

Each device has controls for the amplitude of the sound (how strong the noise cancelling is)

An on/off switch.

Some have a configuration screen. See our products listing

Why are the transaction fees so different?

The transaction fee is payment for the miner to incorporate the data (or transaction) into a blockchain. This fee differs widely between the different blockchain brands and also differs from time to time. The transaction fee offered in the wizard step, is the actual price found on

Here you can find a decent news article about the transaction fees: Blockchain fee article

What is the return policy?

Once a message has been added to the selected blockchains, there is no turning back. The transaction is final for eternaty. There is hence no money return of any kind.

What is the time it takes to have the data visible on the blockchain?

This depends on the blockchain but also how clogged the mempool for the blockchain chosen is. Ideally, it should take no more than 10 minuts for the message to be added to the block.

However, we do offer the option to wait for the message to enter into a lower block fee.

Can i get one for free for e.g. a study, commercial opportunity

No! You buy them. Just like you must do with any other electronic product.